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TeamTalk is a public company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.
The top 20 shareholders are disclosed in the TeamTalk annual report.

The TeamTalk Group

Today the TeamTalk group comprises four companies delivering niche telecommunications services to a wide range of clients anywhere in New Zealand:

TeamTalk Limited has been providing and managing mobile radio networks since 1994. We are the leader in the mobile radio network market, providing the only nationwide mobile radio infrastructure. TeamTalk has some of the most respected people in the industry with several of the team each having close to 50 years’ experience managing mobile radio infrastructure. TeamTalk operates on 268 active sites nationally and is continually investing in its networks. TeamTalk owns its digital microwave radio linking network and operates dedicated emergency service networks that have much higher requirements for reliability and availability than normal commercial networks. The largest of these is a nationwide network for Ambulance New Zealand.

When CityLink was established in 1995 it was the world’s first open access metropolitan fibre and Ethernet network. We have designed and built our own networks in both Auckland and Wellington with a total of over 16,900km of fibre connecting more than 570 buildings. With our fibre infrastructure, CityLink provides services allowing ISPs and businesses to exchange traffic, lets media companies distribute content through the internet, and provides data centres to keep servers safe and secure. These services are essential to the smooth operation of the internet in New Zealand.

Farmside is New Zealand’s leading rural connectivity specialist. More than a satellite specialist, Farmside also provides fast broadband by Rural Broadband Initiative, fixed wireless and fixed line solutions, and phone and mobile access to predominantly rural clients. Based in Timaru, Farmside has over 15,000 clients throughout New Zealand.

Araneo was established in 2004 and has built a fixed wireless access network across the country providing high-speed broadband services. Araneo is a reliable, cost-effective provider of high speed wireless data communications links. Rather than sell ourselves directly to end users, we sell our services to ISPs and telcos who on sell our services as part of a broader solution.


Registered Office

Level 3, 20 Kent Terrace
PO Box 9345 Wellington
Phone: 64 4 802 1470
Facsimile: 64 4 802 1475
Helpdesk: 0800 101 900 (freephone NZ only)

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Office Locations

Wellington: Level 3, 20 Kent Terrace (Head Office)
Auckland : 2 Robert Street , Ellerslie
Christchurch : Unit 1, 1 Homersham Place, Burnside



Barrister and Solicitor
Crengle, Shreves & Ratner


  • Roger Sowry (Chair)
  • Geoffrey Davis
  • George Paterson
  • Tone Borren
  • Reg Barrett
  • Nathan York